William (Bill) Dunham

IBC’s founder, Bill Dunham has more than 25 years of international agribusiness experience in the seed, biotechnology, ag-chem and crop protection businesses. Throughout his career, Bill has successfully and profitably developed and launched crop protection products in over 50 countries.


He has worked and lived in four different countries on three continents and was a key international executive at BASF, American Cyanamid, Dekalb Seeds, ICI & Stauffer Chemical Company. Bill understands international business and how to successfully introduce new products and new technologies.

His most recent corporate experience has been as Vice President of International Business for AgraQuest, Inc., a leading biological & natural products company, where Bill designed and implemented AgraQuest’s thriving growth of their international business. His successful efforts there allowed him to expand his global network of contacts with excellent distributors and experienced professionals who specialize in the growing arena of reduced risk products.

Bill has repeatedly been recognized as an innovative global business executive with the ability to take ideas from concept to execution in the marketplace. In recognition of his innovative skills Bill received the 2001 BASF Innovation Award for his achievements in leading the global development and launch of the CLEARFIELD Production System.

He is an entrepreneurial senior manager with a proven track record of successful in-country, regional and global business development. Bill’s international strategic planning, vision & negotiating abilities, combined with his leadership skills in managing cross-functional teams and cross-cultural communications has allowed him to build major, profitable businesses worldwide.

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