IBC Services

International Bio Consultants provides personalized consultancy services to companies in the natural and biological agricultural crop-protection and nutrition markets.

With direct experience and an extensive global network, IBC is unique in its ability to provide the total services necessary to launch your flagship technologies and products in foreign countries.

Among the services IBC provides are:

»Strategic Planning
Defining global market priorities by market, country, crop and pest according to your proprietary technology
Prioritizing countries and crops based on market potential (value), time-to-market and available resources in order to optimize your cash flow and profits
Devising global, regional and national commercial distribution strategies based on available resources, product fit and market potential

»Market Analysis
Defining regional and national market values and areas

»Technology Assessment & Acquisition

Identifying and evaluating technology for acquisition

»Product Development
Conducting field evaluations to determine local product performance and fit within the local country markets

»Regulatory Procurement
Selecting the appropriate in-country registration consultant to represent you and determine realistic registration timelines
Presenting product dossiers, local trial data and follow-through with local country regulatory authorities to procure product registration in a timely and professional manner

»Identification of Appropriate Distribution Channels
Researching regional distribution options and recommending the best local country distributor(s) for your product

»Negotiation of in-licensing and out-licensing (distribution) Agreements
Representing and advising you in local commercial distribution agreement negotiations
Assisting in negotiating global rights to new products

»Product Launch Implementation
Providing you the leadership to coordinate all program components for a timely, successful commercial launch in your chosen country or region

IBC provides efficient high quality service resulting in quick and competent market entries. Experience, scale and a network of proven, reliable in-country suppliers allows IBC to accomplish your international expansion goals more economically than in-house resources, and with full confidence that your resources and technology are protected.

For a detailed list of countries and priority markets go to the MARKETS page.